Neon Dream Created By Using A Black Light And Make Up.

Теги: Black Light, dark photography, full-page, model, nikon, surreal

First off, I want to thank Sarah Luke for her patience as a model and Breeanna Nichols for her stellar work at applying professional grade make up on Sarah. This and foremost was a group effort, we simply intended to make something that captured our imaginations and to shake up the concrete “boring” world. This was a one day process, took roughly 7 hours to create and photograph and an additional 6 hours of editing images. Nikon D600 was the DSLR used for this project and Adobe Photoshop.
This is our first photo shoot we created implementing what we learned from our photography class. Using a mixture of make up and neon ultra violet lighting we worked as a group and created some really awesome work. We hope to do more in the near future.

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